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5 Health Benefits of Herbs As Part of Your Diet

Through time, herbs have been a popular choice as natural flavor enhancers, teas, and even as part of medical treatments. These plants do have multiple uses, but there is one thing we can never doubt: their benefits. And take note, these benefits are supported by decades upon decades of research.

Below are the five most common ways herbs improve our health, whether they are consumed with food or drinks, or alone as health supplements:

Anti-Microbial Effects

Herbs fight microbes, which simply means they help us resist bacterial and other types of infections. This is attributed to the plants’ abundant supplies of polyphenols, a class of organic chemical micronutrients commonly found in plants. Two herbs most known for their ability to fight microbes are oregano and dill.

Healthy Salt Substitute

This benefit of herbs is not as much about what’s inside them that make us healthier, but rather how they help us form healthier eating patterns. Every time we add herbs to our food, we enhance its flavor and eventually begin to appreciate the value of eating healthy Herbal Whole Foods. This makes us want salt less because we have witnessed how herbs can do the job as well, even better because they are healthier. Although salt isn’t unhealthy when taken in moderation, herbs are a welcome alternative.

Antioxidant Properties

No, berries and other fruits are not the only foods rich in antioxidants - they actually source a lot of their antioxidant benefits from polyphenols, which are also found in herbs. Antioxidants in herbs are stunningly effective, making these plants super nutritious ingredients in your food. Antioxidants help fight free radicals in the body and protect you from cancer and chronic diseases.

Low-Calorie Content

Herbs are a lot like vegetables and other leafy plants - they are very low in calories. But that’s not the end of it. Herbs as seasonings are far more superior to rubs, sauces and dressings, whether naturally or commercially made. This is even truer if you’re trying to lose weight or eat healthy. Herbs will be your best choice as far as flavor enhancement is concerned. Use this insight browse selection for better understanding.

Anti-Inflammatory Action

Lastly, just like several spices, herbs can control inflammation in the body. As you probably know, chronic inflammation brings rise to many serious diseases and medical conditions, including, among others, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, coronary disease and cancer. Herbs’ anti-inflammatory properties come from - you guessed it - its polyphenols. By simply using herbs for your daily cooking, you can effectively reduce inflammation in your body. Of course, you don’t expect results very quickly. The idea is to develop a healthy attitude towards food and to carry on with this for life.

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